The IHI Forum 2022 will be held both in-person and virtually.
The IHI Scientific Symposium will be held virtually.

IHI Forum Session and Scientific Symposium session proposal deadline: NOW CLOSED

IHI Forum and Scientific Symposium ​​​​​​​poster deadline: October 31, 2022 (no disclosure needed)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


IHI Forum 2022: Call for session proposals

Deadline: June 24, 2022

The IHI Forum team is looking for interactive, innovative session proposals for both in-person (Orlando, FL, USA) and virtual experiences. 

Tips for IHI Forum Session Proposals
  • Have a strong team teaching/presenting the content of the session. This includes:
    • Interprofessional representation from various disciplines teaching/presenting the content of the session.
    • (Recommended but not mandatory) Include a nurse, physician or pharmacist planner who has reviewed the content of your session and significantly contributed to the work
    • Session presenters that currently work as leaders, health care professionals, improvement practioners, community members, or are patient and family members with lived experience
    • Session presenters who are not employed by a commercial, for-profit interest or working in private or consulting roles
    • Tools, content, and technology discussed are non-proprietary and accessible to all
  • Align the content of your session to what matters most to IHI Forum attendees:
    • Ensure your session is relevant to a range of disciplines in health and health care (e.g., address the interprofessional team; include content and examples relevant to nurses, physicians, public health professionals, and community health leaders)
    • Incorporate improvement science methods into your presentation
    • Meaningfully address equity in your proposal and session
  • Make your session dynamic and useful to improvement work:
    • Plan to teach and provide a tool, framework, roadmap, or resource that is freely accessible for participants and can be used for implementation
    • Include opportunities for discussion and interaction within the session
    • Address patient and family engagement or include a patient as a co-presenter
    • Include data when talking about results of your work (time series data reflected in run or control charts is preferred over bar or pie charts)
  • Follow directions in the form when submitting your propsal:
    • Submit a thoughtful, error-free description of your session, by the deadline (late submissions and submissions that differ from the directions will not be considered)
    • Complete all fields for consideration of your proposal. This includes all speakers, titles, credentials, affiliations, and a brief biography. If any fields are not completed your proposal will not be considered.
    • Have all presenters in your submission complete a comprehensive presenter disclosure form as part of IHI’s accreditation policies and procedures. Directions can be found within the submission form.

IHI Forum 2022 Subject Matter Areas

The eight subject matter areas below represent priority areas for IHI Forum content. Select the subject matter area that most appropriately represents your presentation. Within each subject matter area you will have the opportunity to note subtopic areas.

  • Addressing Value, Cost and Quality: Accelerating a health care organization’s ability to thrive in value-based care
  • ​EquityImproving systems changes to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attain their full health potential, including improving access, quality, and/or health and well-being outcomes with communities that have been systematically marginalized based on characteristics linked to discrimination or exclusion, and improving for all; naming racism and other forms of oppression/advantage, how they impact health outcomes and health care quality, and strategies to address
  • Leadership: Engaging leaders at all levels in driving results within health and health care
  • Improvement Science: Applying the concepts, methods, and tools of improvement science to drive meaningful and far-reaching changes that measurably​ improve health and health care
  • Person-Centered Care: Putting people, patients, and care partners at the heart of every decision and partnering with them to improve care
  • Population Health: Improving the "health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group. These groups are often geographic populations such as nations or communities, but can also be other groups such as employees, ethnic groups, disabled persons, prisoners, or any other defined group.” (Kindig & Stoddard, N. Lewis). Sessions may be focused on work in sectors including maternal and child health, mental health and well-being, and beyond health care, as well as linkages and collaborations between sectors
  • Workforce and Patient Safety: Making the health care continuum safer by reducing harm and preventing mortality
  • ​​​​​​​Workforce Well-Being: Providing proven methods and resources to enable the workforce to truly thrive — not just persevere

Based upon session proposals the final IHI Forum program will be crafted into tracks that best meet the needs of IHI Forum attendees according to the strongest submitted content.

Please note: your submission could be considered for an alternative subject matter area or a subtopic if the IHI Forum Planning Committee feels your presentation better suits another category.

Session Format Guidelines for In-Person and Virtual

  • In-Person: Simulation, world cafe or fishbowl activity would be most effective when participants can physically be together and move around a room to interact. Similarly, a game or activity that requires materials (i.e. the Red Bead Game) wouldn't work as well in a virtual setting.
  • In-Person and/or Virtual: Didactic presentation, panel, debate, case study, ignite session/pecha kucha, flipped classroom, buzz session.


Are there any character/word limits in the submission form?

  • Title: 100 characters including spaces
  • Objectives: 100 characters each including spaces
  • Description: 1000 characters including spaces
  • Attachments: You may choose to upload a single file. The file MUST contain no more than 5 tables/figures.


Disclosure Forms

All presenters in the application must submit a disclosure form prior to the close of the submission process. Failure to fill out the disclosure forms in time will result in dismissal from consideration. To fill out the disclosure form please follow the below directions (also included in the online submission form)

Disclosure instructions:

  • Visit to login to your IHI account (or create one if needed).
  • Once you’re logged into your account, go to to complete IHI Disclosure Form.
  • Click “Submit” to complete this form.

Disclosure Form Clarifications

  1. Title of Continuing Education Activity - Please enter "Forum - (Title of your submission)"
  2. Location of Continuing Education Activity - Please enter "Forum"
  3. Start & End Date of Continuing Education Activity - Please enter "December 4 - 7" if submitting for In-Person Forum and "December 13 - 15" if submitting for Online Forum

​​​​​​​Helpful Resources

We appreciate the time and effort you spend in crafting your session proposals. We receive hundreds of high quality submissions, the content included in the IHI Forum is informed by participant needs.