The IHI Forum 2022 will be held both in-person and virtually.
The IHI Scientific Symposium will be held virtually.

IHI Forum Session and Scientific Symposium session proposal deadline: NOW CLOSED

IHI Forum and Scientific Symposium ​​​​​​​poster deadline: October 31, 2022 (no disclosure needed)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


IHI Forum and Scientific Symposium: call for posters

Deadline: October 31, 2022

Posters at the IHI Forum and Scientific Symposium

Poster displays at the IHI Forum and Scientific Symposium chronicle specific improvement projects. They are an integral part of the conference, providing an opportunity for organizations to share their improvement strategies and celebrate their successes with attendees. Posters should not advertise products or services.

Tips for Creating a Poster

Improvement Advisors at IHI developed the following recommendations for creating posters that demonstrate quality improvement projects in health care. Your poster submission should include:

  • A clearly defined aim statement (what measurable change was expected over what period of time)
  • An outline of the project design/strategy that explains how you planned to reach your Aim, and the team that was involved in achieving improvement
  • An explanation of the changes made to achieve improvement in the targeted process/outomce
  • Graphical representation of improvement
    • The use of annotated run charts or Shewhart (control) charts is preferred to demonstrate the performance of data over time
    • Tables, bar and pie charts can supplement run charts but should not be used alone for describing improvement over time.
  • Evidence for substanibility in improvement, or a scale up or sustainability plan.
  • A short summary of the lessons learned from the work and/or the message for readers.

IHI also encourages the use of short stories or quotes that illustrate the application of improvement methods and lessons learned, particularly stories that speak to the experience of patients and providers.

Layout and Appearance

Aim to create an attractive display that will draw other participants to your poster and clearly communicate the main points. Creative use of pictures, graphs, text blocks, color, headlines, etc., can attract others to your storyboard, and enhance the communication of your message. Avoid making your poster too text heavy. Focus on the highlights of your display. If it can be communicated with numbers, graphs, or other visuals do so. Exceptional poster examples can be found in the poster guidebook link at the bottom of the page.

Submitting Final Poster

You cannot submit a poster on behalf of someone else. Posters must include:

  • Project title 
  • Description of the problem or purpose
  • Actions taken
  • Summary of results
  • Lessons Learned 

All poster submissions will need to be uploaded in PDF form (max file size 10MB). Accepted posters will be displayed regardless of submission to In-Person or Virtual, within the Virtual Forum. 

In-Person and Virtual Forum Poster Differences

In-Person Forum:

  • Posters will be mounted on 3 foot wide x 5 foot high panel boards. The usable posting space is the full 3 feet wide x 5 feet high
  • Posters will be displayed in the exhibition hall for attendees to view. You will have the chance to engage with attendees and talk with them about your work as they explore the hall
  • Select posters will be invited to participate in poster walkarounds which consist of 5 minute presentations to a larger audience
  • Registration to the IHI In-Person Forum general conference is required to participate. No waived registration fees are included

Virtual Forum & Scientific Symposium:

  • All content must fit on one page (word doc, powerpoint slide, etc.) and saved as a PDF. No specific layout or size needed
  • Virtual posters will be put on display in a virtual library and are not orally presented
  • Attendance to the Forum is not required to have a virtual poster displayed

Are there any character/word limits in the submission form?

  • Title: 100 characters including spaces
  • Description: 250 word limit

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